Paid time away from work is one way BMO supports your health and well-being. We encourage you to take paid vacation time to take a break, spend time with family and friends or whatever you choose.

The amount of vacation time you receive is based on your length of service, salary grade and full-time/part-time status. You can carry over a maximum of one week of unused vacation to the next year. Note: One week is based on the Scheduled Weekly Hours in Workday as of January 1.

Full-time Employees

Here is the annual vacation hours for full-time employees (40 hours/week):

Credited Years of Service
Annual Vacation Hours
Grades 1-6Grades 7 and above
Less than 10136176
20 or more216216

Part-time Employees

To determine your annual vacation hours if you are a part-time employee:

  • Find the vacation entitlement hours as if you were a full-time employee in the chart above.
  • Prorate this amount based on the number of standard hours you are scheduled to work. For example, if you are a grade 7, working 30 hours per week, you would be eligible for 132 hours (176 hours x 30/40).

New to BMO

In your year of hire, your vacation hours will be prorated based on your start date. For details, review the Vacation Operating Procedure (accessible only from the BMO network).

Previously worked at BMO

If you worked for BMO as a permanent employee and come back to work, you will be credited with your previous service time for vacation purposes.

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