Commuter Benefits

Save money when you pay for eligible mass transit and parking expenses with before-tax dollars with the Commuter Benefits Program. Your Spending Account (YSA) administers the plan.

Here’s a high-level overview of the Commuter Benefits. For details, review the Commuter Program Plan Details.

In 2023, the Commuter Benefit limit will increase to $300 per month. Learn more in the 2023 Annual Enrollment Guide.

  • The monthly maximum you can contribute before-tax for mass transit and parking is $280.
  • Contributions are deducted once a month from your first paycheck of the month.
Eligible Expenses
  • Eligible expenses include:
    • Passes, tokens, fare cards or vouchers for the bus, train or subway
    • Commuter vanpool expenses are eligible if they meet IRS guidelines
    • Eligible parking expenses include paid parking at or near your workplace, transit parking facilities and “park and ride” lots
Options for Commuter Expenses

You have a couple of options to pay for your commuter expenses.

Transportation options:

  • Passes issued by the transit authority
  • Commuter check
  • Commuter Check Card

Parking options:

  • Monthly direct pay
  • Commuter check
  • Cash reimbursement
  • Commuter Check Card
Enrollment Deadlines
  • Elections/changes must be made by the 10th of the month to go into effect the next month.
  • You can choose the “Recurring Option” to elect monthly orders to continue until you make a change or cancellation.

If you are using the Long Island or Metro-North Railroad in New York, you must elect/change by the 4th of the month.

Manage your
Commuter Benefits

Here’s how you can view and track your Commuter Benefits and submit claims on YSA:

  • Go to Workday, click My Benefits & Retirement application
  • Select your network status (on or off the BMO network)
  • Click Access Your Spending Account (YSA) tile