Other Paid Time Off

BMO supports you when you need to take time off to help balance your work and life commitments.

BMO provides you with paid time off for the following situations:

Paid Time Off For
Bereavement Leave

Up to three days off following the death of a family member.

Blood Donation TimeOne hour of paid time every 56 days to donate blood, when scheduled in advance with your manager.
Civic Responsibilities

BMO encourages you to fulfill your civic responsibilities by serving jury duty and voting.

Jury duty—Provide your manager with a copy of the summons. When you return to work, submit your Certificate of Service (Dismissal Notice) or jury pay receipts to your manager.

Voting—Notify your manager at least one day in advance of when you plan to vote. You may take up to two hours of time off for voting in local, state and national elections.

Children’s Education Time

With your manager’s approval, you may take up to eight hours off per calendar year for school activities that cannot be scheduled during non-work hours.

Volunteer Days

Volunteer during business hours through BMO Days of Caring and BMO Volunteer Days.

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