If you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury that will last more than 10 days, BMO has you covered. Disability benefits are administered by The Hartford.

BMO’s Disability Leave benefits provide paid time off when you need to be away from work for a longer term absence.

Here’s a high-level overview of Disability Leave. For details, review the Disability Leave SPD.

Short Term Disability (STD)
  • Replaces 70% to 100% of your base pay (or applicable Benefits Base Rate for certain commissioned employees) for 100 days, depending on your years of service.
  • Generally, STD benefits become payable after 10 consecutive business days of non-work related disability.
  • The 10-day waiting period prior to STD benefits starting is
    unpaid unless you want to use available paid sick or vacation time.
Long Term Disability (LTD)
  • Replaces 60% of your pre-disability base pay (or applicable Benefits Base Rate for certain commissioned employees) as of the last business day before your disability began.
  • LTD benefits begin after 110 consecutive business day of non-work related disability.
Supplemental LTD

You can elect to purchase supplemental LTD coverage that will provide you with a total of 75% of your base pay (or applicable Benefits Base Rate for certain commissioned employees) while you are disabled.

Benefits While on Disability Leave
  • Your benefits coverage will continue during your STD leave and premiums will continue to be deducted from your pay.
  • If your pay doesn’t cover your benefit deductions, your premiums will accumulate in arrears. When you return from leave, your regular deductions will resume and any arrears will be collected at a rate of one additional deduction per pay until your balance is zero.
  • You may be billed directly for missed premiums depending on the amount you owe and expected length of your leave.
  • If you transition to LTD, you may still be eligible to continue your benefits coverage. You will be billed directly for your premiums.
Applying for Disability Leave To initiate a Disability Leave, contact Leave Administration at
1-888-927-7700 within 30 days before your planned leave or as soon as possible following an illness or injury where you expect to be out more than 10 days.

Pre-existing conditions

Special rules apply to disabilities resulting from an illness or injury that began before your disability coverage takes effect.

If you have a disability in your first six months of employment due to a pre-existing condition for which you received medical care three months prior to your coverage effective date, Supplemental LTD benefits will not be paid for that condition.