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BMO U.S. Benefits

Employee Share Purchase

Be a BMO shareholder. Invest in BMO shares at a discount with the Employee Share Purchase Plan (ESPP). The better BMO stock performs, the more valuable your investment becomes.

Here’s a high-level overview of the Employee Share Purchase Plan. For details, review the Employee Share Purchase Plans SPD.

  • Employees of BMO Financial Group U.S. are eligible for the Bank of Montreal Qualified  ESPP.
  • U.S.-based employees of Bank of Montreal are eligible for the Bank of Montreal Nonqualified  ESPP.*
  • You can join the plan at the start of any quarter. Enroll on the Computershare website or call Computershare, the plan recordkeeper, at 1-800-545-7996.
  • Your election remains in effect for the entire quarter and continues each subsequent quarter unless you change it during a future enrollment period.
  • You may contribute 1% to 15% of your after-tax base pay, up to an annual dollar limit. Each quarter, your contributions will be used to purchase BMO common stock at a 15% discount for the qualified plan and 20% discount for the nonqualified plan.*
  • The Company contributes the difference between your discounted cost for the shares and their actual market price.
How your Investment Grows

When you purchase BMO shares, your investment grows through:

  • Your after-tax contributions
  • Company contribution
  • Dividends
  • Increased value of stock
Managing your Shares
  • Shares are credited to your account within 5 business days following their purchase each quarter.
  • You can sell shares anytime and receive a distribution in cash, request Direct Registration (DRS), or transfer your shares to another broker.
  1. * Due to IRS code, U.S.-based employees of the Bank of Montreal cannot participate in the qualified plan. Therefore, they are offered a similar plan, the Nonqualified Employee Share Purchase Plan. In this plan, the discount is 20% instead of 15% because of more favorable tax treatment for employees in the qualified plan.

Trading window

Employees who are considered "insiders" and have material, confidential information about the company need to follow trading window requirements before executing any Employee Share Purchase Plan dispositions.

For more information, review Employee Trading Resources in BMO Central.

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