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Vision Premiums

You pay the cost of your vision care coverage.
Your premium is based on the dependents you cover.

Active Employees

If you enroll in coverage for yourself and your dependents, including a domestic partner who is your tax dependent, your vision premiums are deducted before taxes from the first and second paycheck of each month.

2021 Vision Monthly Premiums
Deducted before-tax
Coverage Level VSP
Employee Only $7.46

Employee + Spouse or

Tax-Dependent Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren) $15.90
Employee + Family $25.44

Non-Tax Dependent Domestic Partner

If you enroll a non-tax dependent domestic partner, their premiums are deducted from your pay after taxes.

2021 Vision Monthly Premiums
Deducted after-tax
Coverage Level Before-Tax Premium After-Tax Premium Imputed Income
Employee + Non-Tax-Dependent
Domestic Partner
$7.46 + $7.42 N/A
Employee + Family $18.02 + $7.42 N/A

More about premiums

Your premium is always before-tax. You may enroll children of your domestic partner only if they are your tax dependents, so their premiums are before-tax, too.

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