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BMO U.S. Benefits


BMO offers vision benefits to you and your dependents. You can see any vision care provider, but you’ll get the most out of your benefits if you use a network doctor. VSP administers the plan.

Here’s a high-level overview of the vision benefits. For details, review the Vision SPD.

(VSP Provider)
(Non-VSP Provider)
What you payWhat the plan pays
WellVision Exam
(every calendar year)
$10 copay$45 allowance
Diabetic EyeCare Plus visit
(as needed)
$20 copayNot covered
Retinal imaging/screeningUp to $39, no copay
Prescription glasses
Lenses (every calendar year)
Single vision$20 copay then covered in fullReimbursement up to $30
Lined bifocal$20 copay then covered in fullReimbursement up to $60
Lined trifocal$20 copay then covered in fullReimbursement up to $80
Lens Enhancements
Progressive lenses$0Reimbursement up to $60
Tinted lenses$0Not covered
Scratch-resistant coating$0Not covered
Ultraviolet coating$0Not covered
Premium progressive lenses$50 copayNot covered
Custom progressive lenses$50 copayNot covered
Frames (every other calendar year)
Retail frame$150 allowanceReimbursement up to $70
Featured frame brand$170 allowanceReimbursement up to $70
Frame discount20% discount on amount over allowance 
Not covered
Contacts (every calendar year)
Contact lens exam
(fitting and evaluation)
Up to $60 copayReimbursement up to $120
Contact lenses
$150 allowance
Extra savings
Glasses and sunglasses20% discount on additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from any VSP provider within 12 months of your WellVision Exam.
Laser vision correction
Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price; discounts only available from contracted facilities.
Additional Savings
For discounts on frames, lens enhancements and more, go to VSP Special Offers.

Using VSP is Easy

Create an account. Go to the VSP site to set up your personal account and review your benefit information.

Find an eye doctor who’s right for you. Go to the VSP Provider Directory or call 1-800-877-7195.

Schedule an appointment, no ID card required.

If you go to a non-VSP provider, complete the out-of-network claim form. Login to VSP. Click View Your Benefits, then My Benefits. Select Submit an Out-of-Network Claim, then follow the prompts.