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401(k) Savings Plan Update
Effective July 28, 2020, current and future 401(k) investments held in the BMO Stable Value Fund will automatically move to the Invesco Stable Value Trust. No action is required.


Just-in-time (Response to COVID-19)
You can enroll yourself and or eligible dependents in the BMO medical plan mid-year if you are currently not covered under another plan because of uncertainties caused by COVID-19. Normally, you can only enroll in the medical plan during Annual Enrollment or if you have a qualifying life event during the year.


The CARES Act brings financial relief to the 401(k) plan, related to withdrawals, loan repayments and required minimum distribution. LEARN MORE

As we navigate coronavirus, the CDC recommends virtual visits to help avoid exposure and reduce the risk of being exposed to germs. LEARN MORE

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